Audio Post Production Mixing for Video

As an Audio Post Production Mixer (sometimes called Re-Recording Mixer or Dubbing Mixer) I’m responsible for balancing and enhancing all the elements as well as delivering the final audio mix down. A proper mixing of sound for a Feature Film, Television Show, Interview, or Commercial Production is what sets it apart from amateur productions. Your video will leave with cleaner and balanced dialog, voiceover, ADR (Looping), music, sound effects, ambiance, foley, and LFO effects. Through advanced noise reduction techniques and spectral repair, we can fix many problems that could only have been dreamt of until recently. Having a very controlled mix environment with extremely precise monitoring allows me to hear what is truly happening and make the right decisions to fix, sweeten, and enhance the files I am delivered. Your Interview, TV, Movie, or Commercial Production will leave with ready to use and adhere to any technical spec requirements for its target destination, whether online streaming, broadcast, or anywhere else.


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