Production Location Sound Recording

Production Sound Mixer & Location Sound Recordist

As a Production Sound Mixer (sometimes called Location Sound Mixer, Production Mixer, Sound Recordist, or Location Recordist), I am responsible for making sure all dialog, actions, ambience, and room tone are captured cleanly on location. Whether your shoot requires a simple boom fed to camera or multiple lectrosonic lavaliers and multiple boom mics as well as timecode and reference mix fed to multiple cameras all while recording isolation tracks. I can provide tools like Sound Devices 664 Field Mixer & File Based Timecode Recorder, Lectrosonics Wireless Lavaliers, Wireless Camera Hops, Timecode Smart Slate, and an array boomed small diaphragm condensers and shotgun mics. I have mixed timecode synced audio to just about every camera on the market (Including Red Epic Dragon, Arri Alexa, Arri Amira, Sony F55, FS7, FS5 XDCAM, Canon C300, C100, 5D mkIII, and many more). Having experience as an Audio Post-Production Mixer and Studio Recording Engineer gives me a better understanding of what needs to be captured and some of the common pitfalls of location recordings. Armed with my extensive knowledge of audio equipment, acoustics, microphone pickup patterns, digital recording, & file management, I ensure audio is captured right the first time for your TV, Commercial, or Feature Film Production, saving you time and money in post production, which is also available at Bad Racket Recording studio.

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