Music Recording

Recording Music in Cleveland Recording Studio

Music Recording is the process of capturing your performance in an acoustic space. It’s up to you whether you choose to record live as a band, every instrument separate, or a hybrid of the two. Most importantly, I work hard to capture your music appropriately given the context of your creative vision. Through careful choices of microphones, mic positions, and preamplifiers (sometimes their distortion too); I ensure everything sits together in a natural way before we even begin to mixing. Recording out of Bad Racket: Cleveland Recording Studios, I have use of a 3500+ Sq. Ft. Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Whether for music production, mixing, and mastering, recording 8+ actors simultaneously in a radio drama, or any other type of Studio Recording, I have the experience, space, and tools to ensure your project is a success. The live room is all about vibe, a relaxed environment where creativity can flow. Having a great sounding space loaded with great sounding gear is essential in creating a quality product.


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