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As a Sound Designer (Sometimes known as a Sound Effects Editor or SFX Editor) it is my job to provide the soundscape for any screen action. This may include action sound effects, transition sounds, location atmospheres, non-human voices, cinematic hits, and much more. Creating soundscapes, atmosphere, or ambient recordings that may consist of anything from traffic, weather conditions, insects or birds, background conversations, clinks of dishes, or anything else that sets the space for what is happening on camera. The Second major roll of  sound design is to place action sound FX for whatever actions are happening on camera, whether it be vehicles driving, gunshots, clocks, doors closing, etc. Time and budget can determine whether this consists of recording custom sound effects (also known as Foley), or working as a location recordist capturing ambience of natural locations, or drawing from a library of stock recorded sounds, or capturing custom sound performance at Bad Racket Recording Studios.

If you need sound design, contact me for a custom quote!