Cleveland Recording Studio – Bad Racket

As a seasoned recording studio engineer with more than a decade of experience, I have the experience to ensure your project’s success. Working out of Bad Racket, a Cleveland Recording Studio; I have the tools and space to bring quality. The 3500+ Square Ft. recording studio features a large Live Room (space for the whole band, drums sound great in here!), Two Isolation Booths / Vocal Booths, and an acoustically accurate Control Room for mixing. I’ve worked on just about every type of project out of this recording studio space from Producing Music for Rock Bands & String Quartets; To Studio Voice Over for Commercials, Audiobooks, & Podcasts.


Music Production Recording Studio

Having such a great space to produce, record, mix, & master music is evident in the final product! Every band is different, and I bring an appropriate sonic aesthetic that supports your musics narrative; Transporting you to another time and place. I love producing big, gritty, characterful records. Full equipped to record bands live, each musician can have their own headphone cue mix.


Film Mixing Stage & Audio Post-Production Facility in Ohio

One of the most important things when doing Audio Post-Production & Sound Design is having an accurate mixing environment to hear what’s really going on. Working in a Acoustically Treated Film Mixing Stage with High Quality Midfield Studio Monitors mean the final mix will translate to a wide variety of playback systems, from Theaters to Home Cinemas, Laptops, Headphones, & More. When my extensive sound effects library doesn’t have what I need, I will record custom foley on the studio’s recording stage. From the initial production dialog edit to sound design, to ReRecording Mixing, I have the tools & space to deliver quality work on your Film or Commercial.

Hire Henri Rapp Recording for Location Sound Services!

Henri Rapp - Production Sound Recordist & Location Sound Mixer