Audio Production & Recording Services

As a professional recording engineer with more than a decade of experience, I am equality adapt in the recording studio as I am on a Film Set. I have worked on just about every kind of project ranging from Production Sound Mixing to Sound Design, Audio Post-Production Mixing, Music Production, Classical Music Location Recording, Audio Restoration, Commercial Voice Over, and Audio Mastering.

Location Production Sound Mixer

With years of experience as a Location Production Sound Mixer I am responsible for making sure all dialog, actions, ambience, and room tone are captured cleanly on location. Offering scalable multitrack field recording packages from lightweight run and gun bag based production sound package to a full scale cart based sound package with a team including Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, & Utility. The gear package is tailored to the needs of each shoot! Having years of experience, I ensure audio is captured right the first time for your production, saving you time and money in post production.

Audio Post Production

Amazing audio is seamless and goes unnoticed, bad audio sticks out like a sore thumb; This is where Audio Post Production comes in!

Audio Post for Film requires a number of independent processes starting with the Production Dialog Edit, Voiceover, & ADR. From there the score, sound design, & foley brings the rest of the soundscape to life! With some final balancing & enhancements in the mix stage your Narrative Film, Commercial, or Documentary will leave polished ready to bring an emursive auditory experience to the audience.

Music Production

I believe every great record starts with the artist and their creative vision. Getting the right vibe on a record is the most important thing in any music production. It’s my job to help your music translate to the recorded medium. In every project I do, I bring a unique sonic aesthetic that is tailored specifically to your music. Every choice I make from how I mic instruments, to how hard the preamps get pushed,EQ & compression choices on each source; it all comes together to bring a powerful representation of your performance in the recording studio.  After Recording it gets mixed & mastered, and ready for your audience to enjoy!

Commercial Voice Over Recording

Having the highest quality location and studio voice over recording for any production will make a world of difference. Providing industry standard phone patch capabilities so you can easily communicate with and direct talent remotely. I have an arsenal of microphones, quality mic preamps, and top notch audio recorders ready to meet the demands of your project. Delivering either mixed or raw files.

Music Mastering Services

Mastering is the final stage in any production before it’s ready for release. It ensures you music will sound great on any system, making your recordings clearer, louder, wider, punchier, and more balanced. Whether whether mastering for vinyl or digital release, your music will leave polished and ready to compete in any market.

Audio Restoration

It’s amazing what is possible today through advanced audio restoration techniques. Problems with excessive reverb and noise floors caused by locations can result in unsatisfactory audio. This is where advanced audio restoration comes in; Sudden unexpected clipping, excessive noise, and even sirens can all be removed, repaired, or reduced.

Radio Show & Podcast Production

A typical session starts with a round table discussion with the hosts and any guests they have. Once that has been recorded, we edit down the multitrack recordings. Capable of recording 10+ people at once and patching phone into our recording and monitoring system.

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Henri Rapp - Production Sound Recordist & Location Sound Mixer