Production Sound Mixer

I am a production sound mixer (Sometimes Called Location Sound Mixer, Sound Recordist, or Location Sound Recording) based in Cleveland, Ohio. As a the head of the Production Sound Department on a Film or Commercial Shoot, I have a lot of responsibilities; From Recording Clean Dialog, Ambiences, & Action Sounds, to Logging MetaData, Ensuring Audio & Camera Sync, Mixing Reference Audio to Camera, and much more. There is a lot that goes into providing great production sound services. 

I’m passionate about exceeding my client’s expectations by delivering exceptionally great sounding audio. I love employing creative solutions to bring the audio recorded during production up to the next level. I have experience with nearly production style:

  • Commercial
  • Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Reality
  • ENG / Electronic News Gathering
  • Corporate
  • Audio Playback with Timecode / Music Videos
  • Live Television
  • Musical Performance Recording
  • Event Coverage

Every video shoot requires different audio capabilities. Offering scalable field multitrack recording packages, ranging from run and gun bag based production sound packages to a full scale cart based sound recording package with a full team that includes a Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, & Utility.  Each gear package is tailored to the needs of your specific shoot!


From Large Scale Multi Camera Productions to Small Run & Gun Crews, I have done it all. I’ve worked with nearly every camera on the market (Including Red Dragon, Red Gemini, Red Helium, Red Mostero, Arri Amira, Arri Alexa SXT, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony F55, Sony F5, Sony FS7, Canon C300, Panasonic Varicam, & Panasonic EVA1), and know how to properly set them up to receive external audio & timecode.

I have more than a decade of experience to draw on, I know what it takes to deliver high quality audio. Having also worked extensively in Audio Post-Production & Audio Restoration, it better informs my job as a Sound Recordist, knowing not only what needs to be captured, but how. Keeping a keen ear out for things that could cause issues down the line in post.

IATSE Union Sound Recordist

I’m available to work any union commercial productions or motion picture shoots. I am a sound mixer in good standing with IATSE (Motion Picture Studio Mechanics) Local 209 of Cleveland, Ohio.

Boom Operator


A Boom Operator is a necessary part of the production sound department for Narrative Shoots, many Commercial Productions, & any other shoots that require a higher level of production quality. While on many shoots it is possible to operate a boom while run & guning with a bag based mixer, both the booming and mixing suffer as a result of trying to do two jobs at once. Having a Boom Op to consistently track subjects while the sound mixer works to record it properly. Boom Mics always sound significantly better then even the worlds best sounding lavalier mics, and don’t suffer from such problems such as clothing rub; With a dedicated Boom Operator the production dialog will sound better.


I work with a number of talented boom ops, and can provide an entire production sound team from Sound Mixer, to Boom Operators & Sound Utilities.

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