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I’m a Cleveland, Ohio based Location Production Sound Mixer, Studio Recording Engineer, Music Producer, Audio Post production Mixer,  and Boom Operator for Feature Film, TV, and Commercials. Audio Engineering isn’t just a ‘Job’ for me, it’s an obsession. I believe that I will never be done learning, and this has taken me to everywhere from recording dialog on TV Shows & Movies, Producing Rock Bands, Mixing Movies, Recording Orchestras & Choirs, and producing a music video series. In every recording I strive to capture an emotional connection, and help it come through to the listener. It should have an appropriate sonic aesthetic in order to help carry the listener to another time and place. When I’m not doing location recording or recording, mixing, and mastering music out of Bad Racket Recording Studio, I often play with power tools and wood; Handcrafting furniture and Speaker Enclosures has become somewhat of a pastime for me.

Ohio Recording Studio

Studio Recording & Location Recording Services

As a seasoned professional recording engineer I have worked on just about every kind of project you can imagine and I’ve become equally comfortable in the recording studio tracking rock bands to classical ensembles, or on the set of a film capturing dialog.

Location Production Sound Mixer

With years of experience as a Location Production Sound Mixer I am responsible for making sure all dialog, actions, ambience, and room tone are captured cleanly on location. I can provide tools like my Sound Devices 664 Field Timecode Recorder, Lectrosonics Wireless Lavaliers, Wireless Camera Hops, Timecode Smart Slate, and an array boomed small diaphragm condensers and shotgun mics. Having years of experience I ensure audio is captured right the first time for your production, saving you time and money in post production.

Boom Operator

In narrative and some commercial shoots it is essential to have a separate mixer and boom operator. Having one person to focus solely on mixing while the other on following subjects and capturing clear dialog and actions through the boom mic. Having worked for countless TV Productions as a Sound Mixer, and on Dog Eat Dog (2016 – Starring Nicolas Cage & Willem Dafoe) booming has become second nature to me.

Audio Post Production Mixing

As an Audio Post Production Mixer I’m responsible for balancing and enhancing all the elements as well as delivering the final audio mix down. Your video will leave with cleaner and more balanced dialog, voiceover, ADR (Looping), music, sound effects, ambiance, foley, and LFO effects. Having a very controlled mix environment with extremely precise monitoring allows me to hear what is truly happening and make the right decisions to fix, sweeten, and enhance the files I am delivered.

Commercial Voice Over Recording

Having the highest quality location and studio voice over recording for any production will make a world of difference. Providing industry standard phone patch capabilities so you can easily communicate with and direct talent remotely. I have an arsenal of microphones, quality mic preamps, and top notch audio recorders ready to meet the demands of your project. Delivering either mixed or raw files.

Music Production

I believe every great record starts with the artist and their creative vision. Getting the right vibe on a record is the most important thing in any music production. It’s my job to help properly translate music to the recorded medium. Through augmenting your tones and helping you capture it appropriately, we can capture an aesthetic sound that supports the emotional feel of the record.

Music Recording

Recording music is the process of capturing your performance in an acoustic space. It’s up to you whether you choose to record live as a band, every instrument separate, or a hybrid of the two. I work hard to capture your music appropriately through careful choices of microphones, mic positions, and preamplifiers (sometimes their distortion too); I ensure everything sits together in a natural way before we even begin to mixing.

Music Mixing Services

The true art of music mixing lies in cultivating an aesthetic sound that supports the emotional connection of the performance. By balancing the different elements, your music can reach it’s full potential. Using tools such as analog and digital effects, and the latest professional sound equipment such as equalizers, compression, Reverb, Delay, and Modulation effects , we can create a sonic landscape and carve out a space for each element of the mix.

Music Mastering Services

Mastering is the final stage in any production before it’s ready for release. It ensures you music will sound great on any system, making your recordings clearer, louder, wider, punchier, and more balanced. Whether whether mastering for vinyl or digital release, your music will leave polished and ready to compete in any market.

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Recording & Music Production
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Location Sound


Dog Eat Dog (Boom Op – 2016, Starring Nick Cage & Willem Defoe, Directed by Paul Schrader)
Shark Tank – Season 8 (Sound Mixer – 2016 – ABC)
Gold Medal Entourage (Sound Mixer – 2016 – Olympic Channel)
Kids & Guns (Sound Mixer – 2016 – ABC)
First Time Flippers (Sound Mixer – 2016 – DIY Network)
Question of Love (Sound Mixer – 2016 – FYI)
Hard Corps (Sound Mixer – 2016 – FUSE TV)
‘UnConventional’ with Melissa Harris-Perry @ The RNC (Sound Mixer – 2016 – BET)
Pet Project (Sound Recordist/Post-Production Mixer – 2016 – Family Comedy)
Paper Shadows (Soundtrack Recordist/Mixer – 2015)
Moonshine Kingdom (Post-Production/ADR – 2013)
Signals Midwest
Bummed Out
Two Hand Fools
Who Hit Me
The Village Bicycle
Vibe & Direct
Runaway Brother
Meridian (OH)
Chase Huglin
September Stories
Tim Moon
Worship This
A Work Of Fiction
Bygone Days
Wolf Teeth
Uptown Buddha
Small Wood House
Reverse The Curse
Essential Groove
Space Funeral
Lowercase Roses
Brett Wholesome
Max Stern
The Lonely Kids Club
Austin Stambaugh
Matt Schuermann
Matt Hectorne
Gabe Wolf
Steve Perrino
Nike – Come Out of Nowhere w/ Lebron James (Location Recordist)
Beats Headphones (Union Boom Op/Audio Playback)
ANA Genius Awards (The Wallstreet Journal) (Post-Production)
Cleveland Browns (via 3 Sons Media) (Production Sound Mixer)
Cleveland Camera Rental (Freelance Sound Mixer)
Dental One Partners (Sound Mixer for Live Stream)
Can Our Business Enrich People’s Lives? – Walstreet Journal Videos (Sound Recordist)
Cleveland Cavaliers (via Space Junk Media) (Recordist/Mixer)
VeloSano (Sound Recordist)
Medical Info Systems (Recordist/Mixer)
‘Live From Bad Racket’ Music Video Series (Producing/Recording/Mixing/Mastering)
Forte Nox Productions (Recordist/Mixer/Post-Production/ADR)
Cleveland Caveliers (Sound Recordist)
Coupe Studios (Multi-City Synched Recording)
Cleveland Clinic (Recordist/Mixer)
NARAL Pro-Choice America (Voiceover Recordist)
The New Media Firm (Sound Recordist)
Burtha Sunglasses (Recordist/Mixer)
Burtha Watches (Recordist/Mixer)
Vision Media & Marketing (Location Recordist)
Fictitious Productions (Sound Mixer)
Prettybird Productions (Audio Playback/Boom Op)
USCheer Productions (Recordist/Mixer)
Result Co (Recordist/Mixer)
Heritor Watches (Recordist/Mixer)
Hero Brand Backpacks (Recordist/Mixer)
Boy Wonder Productions (Location Recordist)
Bow & Arrow Productions (Location Recordist)
Ohio Paving & Construction (Recordist/Mixer)
Neighbor Up! Spotlight Radio Show (Recordist/Post-Production)
Space Junk Media (Sound Recordist)
Casual Films (Sound Recordist, Audio Post Production)
AdCom (Sound Recordist)
Casual Films (Sound Recordist/Post-Production Mixer)

Cleveland Playhouse (Recording Enginner)
Alarm Will Sound (Orchestral Location Recordist)
Cleveland Public Theatre (Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer)
The Cleveland Radio Players (Recording Engineer)
Director Raymond Bobgan (Recordist)
Director Craig George (Recording Engineer)
Mr. Wolf (Recording Engineer)

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