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Cincinnati Production Sound Mixer & Sound Recordist

Production Sound Recordist Henri Rapp

As an Ohio based Production Sound Mixer, I work regularly in Cincinnati; located just 4 hours from my local production city of Cleveland. with more than a decade of audio experience including work in Audio Post-Production & a commercial recording studio; I bring a depth of knowledge allowing me to deliver high quality sound & serve more complex productions for my clients. Staying attentive to details, I mitigate  potential problems that could cause headaches in post-production, employing creative solutions to solve problems on set.

Every video production has different sound requirements, so I provide solutions tailored to meet the needs of your specific shoot. I offer scalable ranges of bag based run and gun sound equipment to full scale cart based production sound packages accompanied by a full team of a Sound Recordist, Boom Operator, & Audio Utility. Every shoot is different, so let’s discuss the specific needs of your production.

Working as a Location Sound Mixer in Cincinnati Ohio

As an Ohio based Production Sound Mixer, I end up on productions in Cincinnati pretty often. Covering the Midwest area, I’m based a short 4 Hours away in Cleveland. Typically when working in Cincinnati or Southern Ohio, I bill mileage & portal to portal. Contact me today to discuss your shoot’s production sound needs!

Must be considered out of town hire for productions in Cincinnati!

Production Sound Clients

What unique challenges does your production have?
What unique challenges does your production have?

Highly Experienced Sound Recordist

I believe my work as a sound recordist speaks for itself and shows a passion for quality work, education & knowledge on recording techniques, and the ability to integrate into complex workflows. Having experience in nearly every production style as well as a history in a commercial recording studio environment producing music & doing audio post, this experience informs the how I fundamentally approach each production. Nothing is more rewarding than the projects with unique requirements & the challenges that come with them.

Location Sound Equipment

When working on location as a sound recordist having the right tools for the job is essential. I always bring the highest quality equipment on set for my clients, with a no compromises approach to sound quality & reliability. Offering scalable multitrack field recording packages from lightweight run and gun bag based rigs to larger more complex cart based recording packages, I have to tools to accomplish nearly any scale of production.


What kind of equipment package makes sense for your shoot? Producers Guide To Gear
Every production is unique….let’s chat about your specific needs!