Unique Production Sound Solutions

I let my work speak for itself, showing a passion for high fidelity sound recordings with a work history of taking on a wide range of productions with complex requirements. I love implementing creative solutions & overcoming the challenges of working on location to deliver high quality location sound despite each production’s unique needs. Having more than a decade of audio production experience experience to draw on, I bring a depth of knowledge beyond the average sound mixer. While production sound is my specialty, having had previous experience in commercial recording studios, with post-production, classical music recording, live sound reproduction, etc., it gives me experience to take on productions with atypical needs…. I love unique projects and the challenges that come with them, from complex shoots with high channel counts and a full sound team to fast paced shooting environments as a solo operator, or talk show style productions with complex routing, it’s always rewarding to tackle these challenges head on and conquer them!

Sound for Music Performance Videos

Case Study: 144 Music Performance Videos In 4 Days

Case Study: 144 Music Performance Videos In 4 Days 144 Music Performance Videos At A Nashville Museum In 4 Shooting Days & 1 Tech Prep Day Recording sound for the George Jones Sessions was a fun but fast paced & complex shoot. Fortunately I had an A2 and a tech prep day to get ready…


Remote Round Table Video Production

Case Study: Remote Round Table Video Production

Case Study: Remote Round Table Sound For A Remote Round Table w/ 3 Talent On Site, 6 Cameras, 7 Independant Mixes, & Zoom Feed & Return of Remote Talent & Direction While round table discussions are a fairly common type of video production, doing a remote version during a pandemic with each talent in a…


Direct To Camera Commercial Production

Case Study: A Direct To Camera Commercial For Ranpak

Case Study: A Direct To Camera Commercial Sound For A One Talent & Single Camera Commercial for Ranpak As was the case on this production, it’s always nice when I get to work with my friends over at Black Valve, who produced, directed, and shot this video. From the perspective of the sound department, this…


Sound For Live Stream Concert Performance

Case Study: Sound For Live Streamed Concert

Case Study: Sound For A Live Stream Concert Find Your Light Foundation Benefit Concert Hosted by J.R. Heckman & Presented by John Carroll University When I was initially contacted to do the sound for the Find Your Light Foundation’s Songs of Hope 2021 live stream concert hosted by J.R. Heckman and presented by John Carroll…


Recording Sound for Comedy Special Netflix's David A Arnold Fat Ballerina

Case Study: Netflix Comedy Special David A. Arnold’s ‘Fat Ballerina’

Case Study: Sound For A Netflix Comedy Special David A. Arnold’s ‘Fat Ballerina’ Overseeing the production sound & audio post for David A. Arnold’s Netflix Comedy Special, ‘Fat Ballerina’ posed a number of niche specific challenges that aren’t seen on most productions. If you haven’t seen ‘Fat Ballerina’, it was released on Netflix in spring…

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