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As a highly experienced Production Sound Recordist (often referred to as a production sound mixer, location sound, or simply sound recordist), I have a large variety of sound recording experiences to draw on combined with a collection of top tier film sound equipment to bring your production sound to the next level of quality. I have a number of Georgia based video production companies and agencies that I work for on a regular basis. Though my homebase is Cleveland, I can work in Georgia for shoots with travel & accommodations covered.

Must be considered out of town hire for all video productions in Atlanta

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Production Sound Mixer

As a sound mixer for television, documentaries, narrative films, or commercial productions, there are a lot of responsibilities for the on location sound department; From Recording Clean Dialog, Wiring Talent, Recording Ambiences & Production Foley Sounds, to Logging MetaData, Ensuring Audio & Camera Sync, Mixing Reference Audio to Camera, and a lot more. Having spent more than a decade of my life dedicated to recording great audio, I have the experience to guarantee it gets done right the first time.

I love when my clients’ expectations are exceeded by providing exceptional location sound services to productions of all types. Sound Engineering isn’t something I wandered into, it’s something that I’m passionate about. Drawing on more than a decade of experience and a deep knowledge base of sound recording techniques, I deliver high quality sound services for my clients every time.

I have experience with nearly every style of video shoots, and would love to talk about your production:

  • Commercial
  • Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Reality
  • ENG / Electronic News Gathering
  • Corporate
  • Live Television
  • Musical Performance Recording
  • Event Coverage
  • Comedy Specials

Working In Georgia

When working as a sound recordist or production mixer in Atlanta, Savannah, or any other part of the State of Georgia, I must be considered an out of town hire. Therefore I will need to travel, mileage, lodging, & per diem covered. Contact me for a custom quote based on your productions’ needs.

Film Sound Recordist in Atlanta Georgia
Location Sound Recordist Henri Rapp
Atlanta Georgia Production Sound Mixer

Why Hire Henri Rapp Recording for Production Sound?

My work shows my expertise and passion for delivering high quality work. I love deploying creative solutions & overcoming challenges to deliver quality audio despite each shoot’s unique challenges. Drawing on my audio production experience, I bring a depth of knowledge more extensive the run of the mill sound recordist. Drawing on my experience in recording studios, with post-production, classical music recording, live sound reproduction, & much more. I love unique projects and the challenges that come with them.


Ultimately I let my work speak for itself. Here’s a selection of projects with largely different workflows:

Recording Studio Quality Voice Over on Location

Nike – Come Out Of Nowhere

Recording on location can provide a number of unique challenges, and being forced into an overly reflective locker room to record the voice over for a national commercial spot with Lebron James would not have been my first choice. However with plenty of setup time we were able to acoustically treat the room and turn it into a fantastic sounding & incredibly quiet room. Read my article on recording studio quality voice overs on location.

Keeping Quality Up With Fast Paced Mobile Shooting

NFL – Thursday Night Films

When a shoot demands a fast paced workflow to meet deadlines, or capture an event with a limited timeline I have the tools prepped & experience to get it done right when there are no second chances. Working in high noise environments with little to no control I was able to deliver great sound despite those major challenges. Traveling with a lightweight run and gun bag, boom & backpack full of the essentials from extra wireless lavs, batteries for the full day, mics for each scenario we might encounter, and a few redundant accessories, we kept a light footprint and moved quick.

Recording Studio Quality Music Performances on Location

Aaron Lewis – Lost & Lonely (Acoustic)

Recording studio quality audio for a musical performance video with Aaron Lewis created a number of unique challenges. Wanting the listener to have an immersive experience, I choose a combination of a stereo room mics (to put the listener in the space) & studio microphones for instrument spot mics (to give a defined clear sound).

Delivering Quality Audio in Sub-Zero Conditions

Sprint – Olmsted Ice

One of the challenges of this shoot being at an ice factory was hopping back and forth between warm & below freezing conditions. Working with top tier brands like Sound Devices, DPA Microphones, & Lectrosonics I can be sure my gear will keep working will pushing the limits of workable temperatures. Cheap gear will often break down under these harsh conditions, but I don’t take chances for my clients.

Getting Natural Sound For B-Roll Without Being Obtrusive

Childhood League Center – Isaiah & Jeffery

Working for a school that specializes in children with developmental disabilities presents a unique set of challenges and impacts the footprint we can have when shooting around their students. Relying heavily on plant mics & mic’d staff, I was able to capture audio that helped bring this branded documentary a more cinematic & immersive experience. Some of the interview locations presented challenges like excessive reverb & uncontrollable background sound, but close mic placement coupled with acoustic treatment, & a little noise reduction, everything turned out phenomenally.

Talent In Water – Waterproof Wireless

Champs Sports – Going Numb

Anytime water is involved it presents significant challenges for both audio & camera alike. Fortunately for Going Numb, since the contestants are sitting in an ice bath, I was able to source two waterproof transmitters. Another challenge of was mounting the lavaliers & bodypacks wouldn’t come undone during action (i.e. jumping in the water), or the mic coming unaffixed from their shirts.

Audio To Timecode Playback & Recording Production Sound

Ohio Lottery – Ohio Wins

A complex workflow involving music playback for a band to match performances to & recording of the commercial’s dialog in real time. The audio playback system (via PA System & IFBs) was additionally stripped with timecode wirelessly fed to the slate for music & camera sync. Both cameras had sync boxes on them. Opting for a handheld dynamic mic as part of the production aesthetic also helped reject bleed allowing for cleaner dialog in the end product.

160+ Musical Artist Performance Videos in 4 Shooting Days

Shenandoah – George Jones Sessions

Consistently delivering high quality sound when recording so many live performance videos in such a shorts spane demands a lot of prep and being ready for anything that happens. Dealing with numerous grammy winners & big country names, while also working in The George Jones Museum in Nashville, this was one of my most challenging shoots that demanded a lot of pressure to get it right.

Delivering Quality Production Sound In Remote Locations

“It’s A Bird Snuggle!” – Birds Of North America –

One of the unique challenges for a location sound mixer is being able to deliver high quality sound in extremely remote locations, with limited access to things like power. On the other hand working in isolated locations in rural areas leaves you with quiet environments that allow for exceptional dialog. This project required a lightweight rig that allowed for us to be hiking around a state park for multiple days.

Film Sound Equipment

Every video production has varied audio needs, I offer scalable multitrack recording packages tailored to the needs of your shoot. Whether its a  lightweight bag based sound package to a cart based sound recording equipment ready for complex workflows with a full team that includes a Sound Recordist, Boom Operator, & Utility. Every equipment package is different based on the needs of the individual video production’s need.

From Large Scale Multi Camera Productions to Small Run & Gun Crews, I have done it all. I’ve worked with nearly every camera on the market (Including Red Dragon, Red Gemini, Red Helium, Red Mostero, Arri Amira, Arri Alexa SXT, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony F55, Sony F5, Sony FS7, Canon C300, Panasonic Varicam, & Panasonic EVA1), and know how to properly set them up for any workflow requirements.

Now matter what gear you need, I’ve got you covered:

  • Multitrack Field Recorders
  • Wireless Lavalier / Talent Mics
  • Boom Microphones
  • Stick / Handheld Mics
  • Studio Microphones for Instruments
  • Timecode Sync Boxes / RF Master Clock
  • Timecode Smart Slates
  • IFBs / Comteks
  • Camera Hops
  • Playback System
Location Sound Recordist in Georgia
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