2020 Production Sound Mixer Rate Card

Rate Sheet for Sound Mixing Labor & Production Sound Gear Rentals, 2020 updated version. Prices vary based on the needs of the production and are subject to change without notice, so contact me today for a custom quote!


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Production Labor:


Union Labor:

Sound Mixer: $70.43/Hour

Minimum Call: 8 Hours

Overtime (After 8 Hours): 1.5x/Hourly

Overtime (After 12 Hours): 2x/Hourly

6th Day: $105.65/Hour

7th Day: $140.86/Hour

Non-Union Labor:

Sound Mixer (Day Rate): $650/10 Hours

Minimum Call: 10 Hours

Overtime (After 10 Hours): 1.5x/Hourly

Overtime (After 12 Hours): 2x/Hourly

Additional Personnel:

Boom Operator / A2: $600/10 Hours

Playback Operator: $600/10 Hours

Utility: $550/10 Hours

Other Fees & Terms:

Travel Day: Day Rate

Mileage: IRS Mileage

Per Diem: GSA Rates

Outside Local Area: Portal To Portal

Expendables (5 Days+ Only): $100/Week

Payment Due: 15 Days

Late Fee: 10% Compounded Monthly

Cancelation Fee: 100% 48 Hours Before Shoot, 50% 7 Days Before Shoot

Sound Equipment Rental:


Base Gear Package: $350

1 – Bag Based Multitrack Recorder

1 – Boom Microphone Kit

2 – Wireless Lavalier Kits

Playback Cart: $450

1 – Laptop w/ DAW Software

2 – Powered PA Speakers

1 – Timecode Audio Playback Slate

‘À La Carte’ Pricing (Each):

MultiTrack Field Recorder: $150/Day

Boom Microphone Kit: $50/Day

Stereo Microphone Kit: $100/Day

Wireless Boom Kit: $100/Day

Wireless Lavalier Mic Kit: $75/Day

Wireless Handheld Mic: $75/Day

Camera Hop (Per Channel): $75/Day

Timecode/Genlock Sync Box: $50/Day

Timecode Smart Slate: $50/Day

IFB TX & 2 RX: $100/Day

Additional IFB RXs: $25/Day

Timecode Transcription MP3s: $50/Day

Laptop w/ Audio Software: $150/Day

(COI Must Be Provided for Equipment Rentals)

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Indie Film Projects:

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