2020 Production Sound Mixer Rate Card

Rate Sheet for Sound Mixing Labor & Production Sound Gear Rentals, 2020 updated version. Prices vary based on the needs of the production and are subject to change without notice, so contact me today for a custom quote!


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Production Labor:


Union Labor:

Sound Mixer: $79.27/Hour

Minimum Call: 8 Hours

Overtime (After 8 Hours): 1.5x/Hourly

Overtime (After 12 Hours): 2x/Hourly

6th Day: $118.90/Hour

7th Day: $158.53/Hour

Non-Union Labor:

Sound Mixer (Day Rate): $650/10 Hours

Minimum Call: 10 Hours

Overtime (After 10 Hours): 1.5x/Hourly

Overtime (After 12 Hours): 2x/Hourly

Additional Personnel:

Boom Operator / A2: $600/10 Hours

Playback Operator: $600/10 Hours

Utility: $550/10 Hours

Other Fees & Terms:

Travel Day: Day Rate

Mileage: IRS Mileage

Per Diem: GSA Rates

Outside Local Area: Portal To Portal

Expendables (5 Days+ Only): $100/Week

Payment Due: 15 Days

Late Fee: 10% Compounded Monthly

Cancelation Fee: 100% 48 Hours Before Shoot, 50% 7 Days Before Shoot

Copyright: In accordance with USC Title 17, mechanical copyright for all audio recordings created through equipment  owned by Henri Rapp, LLC and stored on any media are owned by Henri Rapp, LLC until such time as the invoice has been paid in full. Upon full payment, copyright automatically reverts to client.

Sound Equipment Rental:


Base Gear Package: $350

1 – Bag Based Multitrack Recorder

1 – Boom Microphone Kit

2 – Wireless Lavalier Kits

Playback Cart: $450

1 – Laptop w/ DAW Software

2 – Powered PA Speakers

1 – Timecode Audio Playback Slate

‘À La Carte’ Pricing (Each):

MultiTrack Field Recorder: $150/Day

Boom Microphone Kit: $50/Day

Stereo Microphone Kit: $100/Day

Wireless Boom Kit: $100/Day

Wireless Lavalier Mic Kit: $75/Day

Wireless Handheld Mic: $75/Day

Camera Hop (Per Channel): $75/Day

Timecode/Genlock Sync Box: $50/Day

Timecode Smart Slate: $50/Day

IFB TX & 2 RX: $100/Day

Additional IFB RXs: $25/Day

Timecode Transcription MP3s: $50/Day

Laptop w/ Audio Software: $150/Day

(COI Must Be Provided for Equipment Rentals)

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Indie Film Projects:

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