Indianapolis Indiana Production Sound Recordist

As a highly experienced Sound Recordist (often referred to as a production sound, location sound, or simply sound mixer), I have an extensive experience across a wide range of projects coupled with an array of top tier gear to bring your production audio to the next level. As a midwestern based sound mixer a good chunk of my clients are Indiana video production companies or agencies. Though my homebase is Cleveland, I can work in Indiana for shoots with travel & accommodations covered.

Must be considered out of town hire for all video productions in Indiana

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Location Sound Mixer

As a sound mixer for Television, Documentaries, Narrative Films, or Commercial Productions, I have a lot of responsibilities; From Recording Clean Dialog, Wiring Talent, Recording Ambiences & Production Foley Sounds, to Logging MetaData, Ensuring Audio & Camera Sync, Mixing Reference Audio to Camera, and a lot more. Having spent more than a decade of my life dedicated to recording great audio, I have the experience to guarantee it gets done right the first time.

I love when my clients’ expectations are exceeded by providing exceptional on location production sound services… Recording sound isn’t something I fell into, it’s something I’m truely passionate about. Drawing on experience across more than a decade & a deep knowledge base of recording techniques, I deliver quality every time for my clients.

I have experience with nearly every style of video production, and would love to talk about your shoot:

  • Commercial
  • Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Reality
  • ENG / Electronic News Gathering
  • Corporate
  • Live Television
  • Musical Performance Recording
  • Event Coverage
  • Comedy Specials

Working In Indianapolis Indiana

Having family in Indianapolis I love when work brings med to Indiana. With its proximity to Ohio, and have a number of Indiana based clients. When working as a sound recordist or production mixer in Indiana, I must be considered an out of town hire. Therefore I will need to travel, mileage, lodging, & per diem covered. Contact me for a custom quote based on your productions’ needs.

Why Hire Henri Rapp Recording for Production Sound?

My work shows my passion for high quality sound, I love deploying creative solutions & overcoming challenges to deliver quality audio despite each shoot’s unique challenges. Drawing on more than a decade of audio production experience, I bring a depth of knowledge more extensive the run of the mill sound mixer. Drawing on my experience in recording studios, with post-production, classical music recording, live sound reproduction, & much more. I love unique projects and the challenges that come with them.


Ultimately I let my work speak for itself. Here’s a selection of projects with largely different workflows:

Film Sound Equipment

Every video production has varied audio needs, I offer scalable multitrack recording packages tailored to the needs of your shoot. Whether its a  lightweight bag based sound package to a cart based sound recording equipment ready for complex workflows with a full team that includes a Sound Recordist, Boom Operator, & Utility. Every equipment package is different based on the needs of the individual video production’s need.

From Large Scale Multi Camera Productions to Small Run & Gun Crews, I have done it all. I’ve worked with nearly every camera on the market (Including Red Dragon, Red Gemini, Red Helium, Red Mostero, Arri Amira, Arri Alexa SXT, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony F55, Sony F5, Sony FS7, Canon C300, Panasonic Varicam, & Panasonic EVA1), and know how to properly set them up for any workflow requirements.

Now matter what gear you need, I’ve got you covered:

  • Multitrack Field Recorders
  • Wireless Lavalier / Talent Mics
  • Boom Microphones
  • Stick / Handheld Mics
  • Studio Microphones for Instruments
  • Timecode Sync Boxes / RF Master Clock
  • Timecode Smart Slates
  • IFBs / Comteks
  • Camera Hops
  • Playback System

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Henri Rapp - Production Sound Recordist & Location Sound Mixer