Audio Recording & Video Production Sound Gear

Having the right tools and the experience to use them is how great recordings are born. Here is some of the gear I rent out on a regular basis:

Production Sound Gear: 

Mixers & Recorders:

Sound Devices 664 – 12 Input Field Mixer with Integrated 16 Track Recorder, Timecode, Dual Card Recording, Etc

*Sound Devices 633 – 6 Input Field Mixer with Integrated 10 Track 192 khz Recorder, Timecode, Auto Mixing, Dual Card Recording, Etc


2 Wisycom Wideband Wireless Transmitters 

1 Wisycom Wideband Dual Receiver – Two Channel True Diversity Receiver with Multivendor Compatibility

6+ *Lectrosonics Wireless Transmitters – Assortment of SMDWB, LT, SMD, UM400s, etc

6+ *Lectrosonics Wireless Receivers – Assortment of SRC, SRB, & 411As

2+ *Lectrosonics Camera Hops

2+ *Sennheiser G3 Camera Hops – for Reference Audio


6+ Sanken COS11D Lavalier Mics

2 DPA 6060 Lavalier Mics

1 DPA 4061 Lavalier Mics

1 DPA 4017 Shotgun Mic

2 Michael Joly Engineering 012s – Similar to Neumann KM84 with Hyper, Cardioid, & Omni Capsules

2 *Sennheiser MKH 416

1 *Rode NTG2

Timecode & Sync:

1 *Timecode Systems :Wave – Timecode, Genlock, & Word clock Master Clock

5 *Timecode Systems Ultra Sync One – Compact Wireless Timecode & Genlock or Word Clock Slave

2 *Denecke TS-C Timecode Slate

IFB & Monitoring:

1 *Lectrosonics IFB T4 Transmitterr

2 *Lectrosonics R1A IFB Recierves

8+ *Comtek Receivers with Headphones

2 *Comtek Transmitters

1 *JK Audio Dialer IFB Headphone Amp

3 *Stealth In Ear Monitors

*Denotes not part of regular kit, available upon request

Studio Space:

1100 Sq. Ft. Acoustically Treated Sound Stage

Acoustically Accurate Control Room

15′ x 10′ Isolation Room

8′ x 8′ Small Isolation Booth

Studio Recording Gear:

Mixers, Interfaces, & Computers:

Sound Craft B800 Recording Console

Motu 24IO – 24 Input PCI Interface

Custom Built Recording Computer – 4.2 ghz, 32 gb ram, SSD OS, Work Drive with Redundant Backup

Apple MacPro – 2.8 Ghz Dual Quad Core

Apple Macbook Pro – 2.6 Ghz Intel i7 Quad Core

Mackie 1640i – 16 input firewire interface and mixer

Apple Logic Pro 9

Adobe Audition CC

Avid Protools 12

iZotope Ozone

iZotope RX

Slate Everything Bundle

Waves Mercury Bundle 

Sonnox Plugins

Sound Toys Plugins

Sound Libraries:

Boom FX Library

Adobe Sound Library

Custom Recorded Sound Library

Mic Preamps & Outboard Gear:

2 Hairball Audio Lola Preamps

2 Classic API VP312 Preamps

Classic API VP26 Preamps

1 Great River MP-500NV Preamp

1 Avedis Audio MA5 Preamp

1 Alctron MP73 (Neve Clone) Preamp

1 Hairball Audio 1176 Rack Rev. D

2 Hairball Audio FET500 1176 Rev. D

2 Lindell Audio 7X-500 FET Compressors

36 Sound Craft B800 Mic Preamps

36 Sound Craft B800 4 Band EQs

1 Fostex 3180 Spring Reverb

1 16 Input Passive Summing Mixer

Microphones & DIs:

2 Neumann U87s

2 AKG C414 EBs

1 AKG C414 XLS

1 DPA 4017

2 Michael Joly Engineering 012s

1 Electrovoice RE20

3 Sennheiser MD421s

2 Beyerdynamic M201s

2 Beyerdynamic M500 (NOS Vintage Ribbon Mics)

7 Shure SM57s

2 Shure Beta 52As

1 Shure Beta 91A

1 AKG D12E

AKG C3000s

2 Sterling Audio ST55s

1 CAD E70

Radial ProDI

ProCo. DI Box


Custom Built Tri-Amped 3-Way Main Monitors

Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors

Yamaha HS8S Studio Sub-woofer

Mackie MR8 MkII Studio Monitors

Furman Headphone Amp

Furman Personal Headphone Mixers 

2 Presonus HP60 Six Channel Headphone Amp

Behringer HA4700 4 Channel Stereo Headphone Amp

8 Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

Instruments & Amplifiers:



4 piece Gretsch Catalina Rock Mahogany Kit

  • 24” Kick Drum
  • 14” x 6” Snare
  • 12” and 16” Toms

4 piece Gretsch Catalina Birch Kit

  • 22” Kick Drum
  • 14” x 6” Snare
  • 12” and 14” Toms

Tama Artwood Custom Maple Snare 14” x 6.5”

Pearl VPX Limited Edition Birch Snare 14” x 5.5”

Ludwig Supraphonic (1976) Metal Snare 14″ x 6.5″

Maxwin by Pearl Metal Snare 14″ x 6″

2 Zildjian A Custom 18” Crashes

Zildjian A custom 16” Crash

Zildjian A Custom Medium Ride

Zildjian A Custom 8″ Splash

2 Zildjian A Custom Hi Hats Sets

Sabian AAXplosion 17” Fast Crash

Vintage 70s Zildjian A Ride (unknown model, dark, defined, complex)

Vintage 70s Zildjian A New Beats

Danelectro 56 U2 Lipstick Pickup Guitar

Marshall JCM 900 2×12 Combo

Peavey Classic VT (1974, combo converted to head)

Fender Vibro Champ (1978)

Vox AC30

Jet City 2112RC (tube driven reverb, combo converted to head)

Custom Built Closed Back 2×12” Guitar Cabinet (Mesa Style)

Custom Built Open Back 2×12” Guitar Cabinet (Fender Style)

Custom Built Ported 2×12” Bass Cabinet (600 Watts, Celestion Orange Neodymium Speakers)

TC Electronics Polytune

Earthquaker Devices Terminal Fuzz

Sound Devices 664 Location Recording Gear

Sound Devices 664 Field Recorder Timecode Systems Wisycom

Field Recording Gear Microphones Preamps Sound Devices 664 Mixer Recorder

Neumann U87 at Recording at The George Jones Museum

Outboard Recording Gear Mic Preamps Compressors 1176 API Hairball Audio Motu

Sound Devices Lectrosonics SRC 411A Wisycom Wideband Wireless

Field Recording In Vehicle Dialog Recording for Narative Film

Custom Built Guitar Cabinet with AKG C414 Eb

Ohio Production Sound Mixer for TV & Film


Sound Devices 664 with Lectronsoncs 411A Receivers

See and hear my work by checking out my video sound work and audio reel.