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Production Sound Mixer & Sound Design

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Henri Rapp Recording is a world class Audio Production Company based Cleveland, Ohio. Specializing in Audio Supervision for Film & Commercial Videos, we bring a refined sound through High Quality Production Sound Recording & Creative Sound Design Services.

With more than 12 years of experience, I ensure the job gets done right the first time; When you hire me you get quality. Working with an extensive collection of top tier recording gear, I have the equipment to handle projects of any scale.

Audio Recording, it isn’t just a “Job” for me, it’s my passion. With every new project I aim to bring a new level of quality & professionalism. I’ve worked extensively is most areas of Audio Engineering, and bring this comprehensive knowledge to every production I work on. This has taken me everywhere from going on Location to do Sound Mixing for Television to Producing Music in the Recording Studio, and Sound Designing & Mixing Movies. Over the years I have even been lucky enough to record a few Grammy Winning musicians!

Whether working on a Narrative Film or Producing Music, it’s ultimately about capturing a performance and bringing an emotional connection to the audience. It should have an appropriate sonic aesthetic that carries the listener to another time & place.

When I’m not working, I pass the time by Cooking Delicious Food, Playing with my Cats, Traveling, & Playing with Power Tools. Handcrafting furniture & Building Custom Hi-Fi Speaker Systems has become a reoccuring hobby. 

Location Sound Mixer

As a production sound mixer in Ohio, my job is to record cleanest production audio possible for your shoot. Every video production is different, and requires different audio capabilities. Offering scalable multitrack field recording packages from lightweight run and gun bag based production sound package to a full scale cart based sound package with a team including Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, & Utility.  The gear package is tailored to the needs of each shoot!

I’m passionate about recording great audio that exceeds my client’s expectations. I love employing creative solutions to bring the recorded production audio to the next level. I have experience with nearly production style:

  • Commercial
  • Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Reality
  • ENG / Electronic News Gathering
  • Corporate
  • Audio Playback with Timecode / Music Videos
  • Live Television
  • Musical Performance Recording
  • Event Coverage

IATSE Union Sound Recordist

For any union commercial productions or motion pictures, I am a sound mixer in good standing with IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees & Motion Picture Studio Mechanics) Local 209.

Sound Mixer in Columbus working for Discovery Channel Documentary
Production Sound Gear Rental Ohio
Audio Post Production Mixing & Sound Design

Sound Design & Audio Post-Production Mixing

Amazing audio is seamless and goes unnoticed, bad audio sticks out like a sore thumb; This is where Audio Post Production comes in!

Audio Post for Film requires a number of independent processes starting with the Production Dialog Edit, Voiceover, & ADR. From there the score, sound design, & foley brings the rest of the soundscape to life! With some final balancing & enhancements in the mix stage your Narrative Film, Commercial, or Documentary will leave polished ready to bring an emursive auditory experience to the audience. Armed with an acoustically accurate mixing stage, extensive sound library and audio software collection, your videos will come to life!

Cleveland Recording Studio

As a seasoned Cleveland Recording Studio engineer, I have countless credits for recording, mixing, and mastering; ranging from Music Production to Audiobooks, Podcasts, & Commercial Voice Overs. Working out of Bad Racket Studios, I am proud to record call one of the Midwest’s best recording studios my home. The recording studio has an extensive collection of Microphones, Preamps, Compressors, & an Analog Recording Console, paired with acoustically acurite recording rooms & control room; there is nothing like the quality a pure recording chain offers.

Music Production

In every project I do, I bring a unique sonic aesthetic that is tailored specifically to your music. Every choice I make from how I mic instruments, to how hard the preamps get pushed, how I EQ & compress each source; it all comes together to bring a powerful representation of your performance in the recording studio.  After Recording it gets mixed & mastered, and ready for your audience to enjoy!

Cleveland Recording Studio Engineer


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Production Sound Mixer, Sound Design, & Post-Production Mixing

Based in Cleveland, I work on location and am avaliable for travel shoots in Columbus, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Detroit, Michigan, Cincinnati, Ohio, Buffalo, New York, Chicago, Illinois New York City, Indianapolis, Indiana, and beyond!

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