Free Kick & Punch Impact Sound Effects Library

Free Kick & Punch Impact Sound Effects Library

Free Kick & Punch Impact Sound Effects Library

39 Unique Impacts Sounds for Fight  Scenes


Here are 39 unique hit sounds custom recorded at Bad Racket Recording Studio, originally created for use in the film Powerbomb, but have since made their way into a number of other films & shorts. Source material was the impact sounds was created using cabbages being hit and smashed with various objects and a large piece of slate. Additional post-processing was used to add some sub frequencies to the impacts for a more weighty sound. Feel free to use them in any Movies, TV Shows, Web Videos, or any other type of content.

Free Punch & Kick Impacts Sound Effects Pack

I created these sound effects because I felt like there was a big lack of quality kick & punch sound effects (especially free ones). Most of the existing ones I heard sounded too cartoonish, and lacked any sort of realism or a larger than life sound. Being continually disappointed in what was available I custom recorded these in December of  2017, while working on the Foley & Sound Design for a film. Recorded using a Sound Devices 664 & Modded Oktava MK012.



All Sound Effects are 24 bit 48 khz


These sound effects fall under an attribution creative commons copyright, meaning you are free to use, share, and adapt them, even for commercial purposes, but must credit the original author (Henri K. W. Rapp). You can learn more about these copyright terms at


Download Free Punch & Kick Impact Sound Effects Pack

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