Location Sound Mixer & Sound Recordist in Buffalo NY

As a Production Sound Mixer who works regularly in Buffalo, New York, I’m just a 4 hour drive from my local production city. As a result of my proximity, I frequently end up on TV Crews & Video Shoots in the Buffalo Area. With more than 11 years of audio experience, I bring a larger depth of knowledge to deliver higher quality audio for my clients. With a work history in Audio Post-Production & Audio Restoration, I bring a more informed perspective on set; Raising the level of work I am capable of delivering. Keeping a high level of attention to detail, I keep an ear out for potential problems that could cause headaches in post-production. Whenever possible I love providing creative solutions to solve problems on set.

Each video production has different sound needs; I provide tailor made location sound gear packages to meet the needs of your specific film shoot. With a scalable range of bag based run and gun sound gear to full scale cart based recording packages accompanied by a full sound department made up of a Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, & Utility. Every Production is different, so I tailor everything to the specific needs of your Television, Film, or Commercial Production.

Working In Buffalo New York

Working frequently as a Location Production Sound Recordist I end up working pretty often in Buffalo, NY. Working shoots all over the Midwest, I’m a short 4 Hours away in Cleveland. Typically billed Portal to Portal when working in New York, or with a travel day & hotel accommodation. Contact me today to hire a Production Location Sound Mixer for your video shoot in Buffalo New York.

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Henri Rapp - Production Sound Recordist & Location Sound Mixer