Columbus Production Sound Mixer & Location Recordist

Working as a Production Sound Recordist in Columbus Ohio is only a short 2 hour drive away from my local city, so I end up on video productions & TV Shows here all the time.. With more than a decade of experience, I have knowledge & gear to deliver high quality audio every time. Having a background in Audio Post-Production & Audio Restoration, I use this experience to inform my work as a Location Sound Recordist. Knowing not only what needs to be captured, but how to best do so; I have a sharp ear for details that could cause problems down the line in post-production.


Every video production has different audio recording requirements. I offer scalable field recording packages, that range from lightweight bag based production sound packages to more complex cart based sound mixing gear packages accompanied by a full department that includes a Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, & Utility.  Everything is tailored to the specific needs of your TV, Commercial, or Film shoot!


Working in Columbus Ohio

With Columbus Ohio being only two hours from me, I end up working here quite a lot. For especially early call times, or late wraps lodging is required for safety reasons. Since Columbus is outside my local zone, mileage will be billed to location and back.

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Columbus Ohio Location Sound Recording

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Henri Rapp - Production Sound Recordist & Location Sound Mixer