Pittsburgh Production Sound Mixer


As a Pittsburgh Production Sound Mixer, I end up on TV crews & Video shoots in Pennsylvania frequently. Having more than a decade of audio experience under my belt, I deliver high quality sound for every client. Working doing Audio Post-Production & Audio Restoration, I bring the knowledge on set to raise the level of work I deliver. Having a knowledge of not only what needs to be recorded, but how to best do so; I attentively listen for details that could cause issues in post-production, and provide solutions whenever possible.


Every production has different sound recording needs, I offer scalable field recording packages that suit the specific needs of your video shoot. Offering a range from lightweight run and gun sound packages to a cart based production sound recording equipment package accompanied by a sound department that includes a team of Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, & Utility.  Each production is different, so everything is tailored to the specific needs of your Television, Film, or Commercial Shoot.


Working In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

I love working as a Production Sound Mixer in Pittsburgh, PA. I end up working in PA fairly regularly on Documentary Shoots & Covering Pittsburgh Steelers. Just a short 2 Hour Drive away from Cleveland, there are plenty of great options for Lodging & Food. Most shoots I work in Pittsburgh are done portal to portal. Contact me today to hire a Production Sound Mixer for your shoot in Pittsburgh.

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Henri Rapp - Production Sound Recordist & Location Sound Mixer